• The  Services of the company shall be as follows:
  1. To organize and cause to organize the trading fairs of the concerned business and outside the country in order to promote the business in one’s country.
  2. To participate and cause to participate by getting the stalls of various trade fair booked, making them encouraged to participate in the stated fair, selling the stalls booked by oneself to the foreign entrepreneurs and thereby even manage the stated fair by oneself and to provide even the counseling service to participate in the stated trading fair.
  3. To provide the marketing and management counseling services, as needed, to domestic companies.
  4. To operate and cause to operate the trading event management inside and outside the country.
  5. To raise the marketing and trading awareness of the trading fairs to be organized inside and outside the country.
  6. To conduct and cause to conduct the seminar, workshop, meeting, conference etc. relating to the stated objectives to be organized in national and international level and to be participated in such program.
  7. To take part in the meeting, seminar, workshop, conference etc. pertaining to the stated objective to be organized in the national and international level together with organize and cause to organize such program.
  8. If required to obtain the permission or license form the concerned body so as to execute the objectives by the company as prescribed in the sub-clause (1), it shall be implemented only after obtaining the permission.
  9. Within 15 days of getting the consent or permission from the concerned authority in relation to the objectives mentioned in the sub –clause (1), the very copy of the consent or permission-letter shall have to be submitted to the office.