Federal Student Education Loans

Federal Student Education Loans

Heartland Community university participates within the Federal Direct Loan Program. The Heartland Financial Aid Office determines loan eligibility and the loans are made by the U.S. Department of Education under this program.

Federal Direct loans are educational loans that needs to be paid back with interest. We encourage one to start thinking about all the alternatives for funding your education first and make use of an educatonal loan as a “last resort. ” Be cautious before you borrow under this loan program as you can find serious effects never to student that is repaying.

You will find three kinds of loans available:

  • Direct Subsidized
  • Direct Unsubsidized
  • Parent Loans for Undergraduate pupils (PLUS) for parents

Direct Student Education Loans

A Direct Subsidized loan is a need-based loan, and that means you must show monetary need relating to information submitted from the FAFSA. Continue reading “Federal Student Education Loans”